There’s nothing more pleasing than watching someone who talks a lot of shit get knocked out. When you talk shit, you gotta back it up. That’s why people like Conor McGregor get away with it, because most of the time they back up their shit talking. While he did get shelled by Khabib, Conor still attracts huge crowds because he has been consistent in the past. And who are we kidding, when he’s in the octagon it’s pure electricity.

But that’s besides the point. This blog is dedicated to those UFC fighters who try to talk shit but don’t back it up. I love seeing cocky assholes get their shit kicked in. Gets me fired up. As a former star athlete myself, I prefer to let performance be your shit talking. Actions speak louder than words. Be humble and just kick ass when you’re playing. That’s the loudest talking you can do. It’s not like I hate shit talking because I’m a privileged white guy who has no idea how to do it and when he attempted to just sounded like a little bitch. Nope. Just never liked it. (Also let the record show I caught 10 passes my senior year of highschool so my performance didn’t do a lot of damage either).

All jokes aside it’s just not my style to brag or talk smack. But if everyone was GSP then the UFC wouldn’t sell any tickets. You need those cocky motherfuckers to stir the pot and get the people riled up. You need douchebags like Luke Rockhold to overpromise and underdeliver because that’s what puts asses in the seats.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Rockhold interview but it’s hard to watch. It could be because he’s gotten his shit rocked so many times that he has brain damage, but I don’t think he had that many brain cells to begin with. He’s from Santa Cruz, CA and his demeanor screams California Douchebag.

Don’t get me wrong the dude is extremely good looking, got a rock hard body and chiseled jaw line. Stands about 6’3″ 220. It’s not like I’m jealous of him and that’s why I enjoy seeing him get knocked out. Nope. He just gives off these extreme Chad vibes that makes my blood boil. Just watch that video and you’ll see what I mean. Gives absolutely no respect to Jan Blachowicz and he ends up getting his head bounced off the canvas. He looks like he just hit a whomp when he sits up. Has absolutely ZERO idea where he is. That made me smile.

Another instance of Rockhold getting humbled is when he rematched Michael Bisping. Now Bisping is a bonafide shit talker and has been humbled before, like when Rockhold knocked him out with a head kick in their first match. But at least Mike knows what the fuck he’s talking about. He doesn’t sound like some douchebag asshole when he’s trying to talk shit.

Rockhold just sounds like he’s baked all the time. Guess that’s the Cali Bro coming out.

Anyways I’m not sure Rockhold is ever going to fight again after what he’s been through. I mean Yoel Romero literally almost took his head off.

So enough of Luke Rockhold. He’s learned his lesson. I hope.

The second instance of a fighter being humbled is when Ronda Rousey fought Holly Holm. Now Rousey went on an absolute tear when she was at her peak but a lot of those wins came against less talented fighters. Holly Holm is the real deal and finally handed Rousey her first L. And as you’ll see in this video, Rousey shows no respect (gets all up in Holm’s face, doesn’t touch gloves) and then gets mauled. Love to see it.

Then she fought Amanda Nunes who is an absolute SAVAGE and Rousey really got exposed. She was never a complete fighter. She just knocked out lesser opponents who were overwhelmed by her style.

So to sum it up, Rousey was way overrated and the only thing she really had was her striking, which even itself was not that good. But she sure was confident in her abilities.

yet another pleasing example is when Alex Hernandez got his shit wrecked by Cowboy. Everybody loves Cowboy because he is who he is; he doesn’t try to hide behind a mask and talk a big game. If you show him respect, he’ll show you respect. But if you try to talk shit, he’ll come right back at ya. Unfortunately for Hernandez his head got a little too big and Old Man Cowboy reminded him who his daddy is.

(Khabib Smesh)

God you just love to see that little cockbag Hernandez get his face beaten in. Can’t tell me that’s not satisfying.

And then ultimately you have Conor basically getting murdered by Khabib. I’ll be the first to admit that Conor is a cocky son of a bitch. But there’s a big difference when you talk shit and can back it up vs. when you can talk shit and you get KO’ed. I think Conor learned his lesson as he was a bit more humble when he fought Cowboy. The Khabib fight was kind of a wake up call.

At the same time you have to love Khabib for just being the guy he is. He’s the ultimate example of letting your play do the talking. Leading up to the fight he is extremely humble but when he gets in the octagon he’s a killer. Say what you will about his fighting style but as a man I respect him a lot because he doesn’t try to prop himself up. He just is what he is.

As much as I love Conor that Khabib line “let’s talk now” is absolutely legendary. Just stay quiet leading up to the fight and then beat his brains in. Amazing.

Overall I’m not a huge fan of talking shit unless you can back it up. That being said you have to have people talking shit in order to sell a fight so it’s kind of a trade off. More often than not I’m gonna root for the guy who is humble and just wants to fight. But you have to have a heel and I really enjoy seeing assholes get their shit rocked. Hope you enjoyed.