Boy was a wrong about a lot last night.

OSP came out and looked like he hadn’t done any cardio since his last fight and looked more out of shape than the big fat bear of a man he was fighting. He spend most of the fight circling or jogging away. He did manage to knock Rothwell down at the end of R2 though.

Even as Rothwell continued landing, OSP showed that he has the potential to end a fight in the blink of an eye.

In the end Rothwell’s overall volume did it for him. I’ll say this again about OSP: he has the potential to be a world class fighter but he just hasn’t figured it out. I really don’t know who to blame for that.

Regarding the main event: holy shit I was completely off about my prediction. Glover looked like he was ten years younger and his gas tank lasted way longer than Smith’s. To be fair, Smith started out at an insane pace which no light-heavyweight would be able to keep up. He was landing at a great clip through the first one and a half, but then about halfway through the second round Teixaira started to take over.

Like the commentators were saying, the change in Smith’s body language was obvious. He went from being the aggressor to looking like he didn’t know where the fuck he was.

Personally I thought the fight should’ve been called after this round. I get wanting to give fighters a chance to get back up but Smith could barely defend himself and he had absolutely nothing left in the tank. To make matters worse, Glover started really pouring it on in the fourth.

I mean c’mon. Glover is basically fighting a punching bag at that point. Smith’s corner should have protected him and Jason Herzog could have ended that fight sooner. Unnecessary brain damage at that point.

Hat’s off to Glover Teixaira who proved he is still a real contender in the weight class. Looking forward to more fights this Saturday!