Look I know the last thing people want to hear right now is another person complaining. I’m not writing this to complain but rather to entertain. I want people to be able to laugh at how miserable I am and how much pain I have gone through as a result of my fandoms.

I’m in college so I can’t really complain about that much in life. I’m not in the real world yet and I understand that. To go along with that, I can’t complain much about the Saints because in my short time here, they have won a Superbowl and been to the playoffs almost every year I can remember. HOWEVA, the past couple of years playoffs have been absolutely BRUTAL. Talking gut wrenching, kick in the nuts brutal. And don’t even get me started on Ole Miss. Regularly a joke of the SEC, we got good for like two years and then we get hit with a fucking nuke from the NCAA that ruined us. I guess it could have been worse and we could have got the death penalty, but my God have we been in the shitter the past couple of years.

The ironic thing is that the most painful moments I can remember from being an Ole Miss fan came from those really good years with Hugh Freeze. Now we’re so bad I don’t even give a shit. The Egg Bowl last year was comical to me. It was so Ole Miss it wasn’t even funny.

I’m just going to compile a list of all the times I died inside while watching sports and we’ll see how many I get.

#1: The Minneapolis Miracle

Nuff said. I don’t even have to explain this one. I feel so bad for Marcus Williams but god damn make a tackle. I will never forget watching this with my friends and all of us sitting in shock for at least ten minutes saying nothing.

#2: Hunter Henry and Arkansas Pull a Magic Trick out of Their Ass

I was at this game. Sitting on the 50 about 15 rows up so I had a perfect view of this play. Hunter Henry’s lateral is burned into my memory. I can close my eyes and literally feel the roller coaster of emotions as I watched Tony Bridges wrap Henry up, the ball float in the air, then bounce RIGHT TO THE GOD DAMN, MOTHER FUCKING RUNNING BACK! WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS! AND NOT TO MENTION IT WAS ON A FOURTH AND TWENTY FUCKING FIVE IN OVERTIME!!! It was about as extreme a mood swing as you can experience. In typical Ole Miss fashion, though, we went on to stop Arkansas’ first two point attempt when they inevitably scored, only for that stop to be reversed because Marquis Haynes grabbed Brandon Allen’s facemask with the fucking hangnail on his pinky finger.

Ok maybe it was king of egregious but still. Fucking horrible. The worst part about this loss is that it kept us out of the SEC championship. We beat Alabama, LSU, Auburn, A&M, and Mississippi State in 2015. When is that EVER going to happen again? not in my lifetime probably. Who knows what could’ve happened if Alex Collins doesn’t get that ball.

#3 The NOLA No Call

This one was extremely infuriating but it doesn’t stand at the top of my list because there was a lot that we could have done after this happened to win the game. We choked in OT and let the Rams win. That being said THIS NO CALL IS ABSOLUTE FUCKING HORSE SHIT and I probably will never get over it. Call me petty and whiny but imagine if that was your team and they were literally 13 yards/a no call away from going to the Super Bowl.

#4: Laquon Treadwell Breaks His Leg

Another absolutely brutal end to a game. Ole Miss was ranked #4 in the first year of the CFB playoff and it looked like they had a shot at contending for the championship. That is until Kris fucking Frost had to drag Laquon Treadwell down from behind when he was about to score to take the lead, and at the same time break his leg. Treadwell was probably our most talented offensive player that year and losing him was a huge blow. Now, there’s no telling if Auburn would’ve drove down and scored but what I do know is that we sucked ass for the rest of the season.

#5 Kyle Rudolph Rips our Hearts Out

Words can’t describe the amount of hatred I have for the Minnesota Vikings. They continuously beat us in the playoffs when the Saints are by far the superior team. No excuses for the Saints though, they just flat out played like shit that day. Another last second heartbreaker.

#6: Bo Wallace Shits the Bed in Starkvegas

God this was such a terrible moment for Ole Miss sports. Against State nonetheless. Overtime, Egg Bowl, driving to tie the game and hopefully win it later. Nope. Bo Wallace fumbles it into the fucking endzone and that’s the ballgame.

#7: Saints Lose in Divisional Round at San Francisco

This is yet another instance of the Saints losing in heartbreaking fashion in the playoffs. I was only 11 when this happened so I don’t remember that much I just remember my dad being fucking PISSED. I’m getting tired of reliving all these shitty memories at this point so this might be it.

Bottom line we had the game in our hands and the 49ers drove down. then Vernon Davis shoved it and beat us at the last minute. Rough.

#8: The Piss and Miss

this one’s fresh in all our memories. The good ol’ piss and miss. I don’t have many words to describe this one, you just gotta watch it. I mean Elijah Moore probably shouldn’t have done that but Luke Logan has to make a fucking 15 yarder to tie it. Oh well. This one falls under the “We sucked so much I didn’t really care”.

#9: Draft Night Dilemma

I gotta admit this shit was actually funny as fuck. Too bad Laremy Tunsil went ahead and admitted on national television that he got paid by his coaches at Ole Miss. This isn’t really a heartbreaker but it just started the ass fucking that the NCAA gave us.

#10: I’m done

no more. I tap out. Hopefully you can find humor in my suffering. I’m sure that there’s a lot more stuff that older fans of these teams could remember but you must remember I’m but a wee lad in my journey of getting my heart broken